Our History

Established over half a century ago, Pir-Inci, adopts high quality, continuous development and customer satisfaction as its principle. Operating in 40 000 m2 closed area and 88 000 m2 total area, Pir- Inci adapts to emerging technology fast, and operates in high standards. With its expert staff, it is one of the leading companies in bending and forming of wire and band.

Appealing to many sectors with a wide range of products, Pir-Inci serves to the needs of its customers by producing, quality, fast and reliable service according to each requirement.

In fine details of life, there is Pir-Inci...

Awards and Certificates

Quality Management Certificate

Jidell - Trademark

Star - Trademark

Pir-İnci - Trademark

Pir - Trademark

Pindey - Trademark

Midwey - Trademark



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